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About us:

Rapture is an Australian, family owned and designed small business based in Sydney.

The concept of Rapture Australia evolved from a love for the beach, outdoors and all things nature! Coupled with the dislike of sand and heavy bulk of carting traditional towels around for our growing family when at the beach, river, pool or campsite.

We set out to discover a solution that was both practical and friendly to the environment. We came across this amazing high quality eco-friendly material that was also sand free, anti-microbial, quick drying and compact. It ticked all the boxes for us! Over the following months we worked hard to design unique prints that were inspired by nature and the outdoors. And included the advantage of the hidden valuables pocket making Rapture Australia offer something new as well as practical to beach goers, hikers, travellers and outdoor lovers.

Using a Rapture Australia towel makes spending days in the outdoors easier and allows you to have more time enjoying and exploring nature and doing what you love!

Wrap yourself in a Rapture Towel and you will be Rapt!

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Thank you for supporting small business! We appreciate it!


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